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The College of The Bahamas Library Symposium 2016: Home

Library Symposium 4.0


The College of The Bahamas Libraries and Instructional Media Services, in partnership with the US Embassy in Nassau, welcomes you to Library Symposium 4.0. The goal of these events have always been to provide continuing education opportunities for library workers throughout the Bahamas, while keeping them abreast of trends and issues in the library profession. This partnership between the US Embassy and the College of The Bahamas Libraries began in 2007 with a small grant to facilitate speakers for the occasion. Participants found the event to be most informative and suggested that it become an annual event. In 2009, 2012 and again for 2016, we were fortunate to receive additional Grants from the Embassy for which we are indeed most grateful.

Past participants at these events came primarily from Special, Public and Academic library in New Providence, however in 2012, we were encouraged by the number of participants from libraries in the Family Islands. We anticipate that this trend will continue for this 2016 event.

Under the theme “Vision 2040: National Development and Library Transformation throughout the Bahamas”, is in keeping with that of the National Development Planning (NDP) for the Bahamas which is currently under discussion throughout the islands. As the NDP seeks to gather input into this national discussion, we believe that this symposium will be an opportune time for library personnel to collectively hear about, and provide input into the overall vision for library development in the country.

We are fortunate to have Ms. Courtney Young, the Immediate Past President of the America Library Association (ALA), an organization which champions the development of national libraries worldwide, as our guest speaker.

We look forward to your participation.

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