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Home Schooling Resources: Library Resources and Assistance for Home School Parents and Students

This is a guide for Public Users of the University of The Bahamas Libraries as well as students in the School of Educational Studies interested in or involved in home schooling

Library Services

Home School Parents and Students can

1. Join the University Libraries as Public Patrons - this will allow them to use library faciltiies and services.

* the range of materials available would be appropriate for students at the high school level

2. Book University Libraries study rooms - rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis for blocks of two hours - subject to availability and priority is given to University of The Bahamas students and faculty.

3. Use services of Reference Librarians to assist in using the library and its resources.  

Community Resources for Home School Parents and Students

There are many resources available in the community for home school parents and students:

1. Community Public Libraries in the Bahamas offer collections of books, study space and online resources appropriate for primary, middle and high school level students.

2. Local museums and collections have interesting events and unique resources - the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, the National Trust, the Bahamas Historical Society Museum have educational displays and resources open to the public.