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NURS 316 /NUPR 316 Family and Community Health Nursing: Home

Includes resources for the Community Health Nursing diploma programme


NURS 316: Students are introduced to primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies, concepts and principles of community health nursing and environmental health. Emphasis is placed on care of individuals and families as a social subsystem of the community.

NUPR 316: Students gain  practical experience  in selected community health clinics and relevant resource agencies. Emphasis is on the use of the  nursing process to provide primary, secondary, and tertiary preventive care for individuals and families in a community setting.

Selected journals and multimedia

Selected Journal titles (and the databases / range available Free Full Text)

American Journal of Public Health EBSCO Open Access Journals 01/01/1911 - 11/30/2013

British Journal of Community Nursing CINAHL Ultimate 01/01/2002 - present

Health & Social Care in the Community  CINAHL Ultimate 01/01/1998 - present

Journal of Advanced Nursing CINAHL Ultimate 01/01/1976 - 12/01/2009 (some content is open access)

Journal of Community Nursing EBSCO Open Access Journals 01/01/1998 - present

Nursing Research Ovid Nursing EDGE Advanced Collection - with one Ovid Emcare user license 01/01/2015 - present


Videos and Multimedia

American Nurses Association. (2018). Public health nursing.

American Public Health Association. (2018). Public health nursing.

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How to intervene with families with health concerns [videorecording]. HBL AV RC65 .F364 2003

How to do a 15 minute (or less) family interview [videorecording]. HBL AV RC65 .F361 2000

Family nursing interviewing skills [videorecording]: How to engage, assess, intervene, and terminate with families. HBL AV RC65 .F363 2002

Calgary family assessment model [videorecording : How to apply in clinical practice. HBL AV RC65 F362 2000

Family assessment in community health nursing [videorecording]. HBL AV RT98 F26 2010

Community & Public Health Nursing Call Numbers

RT98 Public Health/Community Health Nursing

RT108 Disaster Nursing

RA653 Epidemiology

RA Public Health 

RA644-645 Public Health Issues such as AIDS, TB, etc.

RC440 Psychiatric and Community Mental Health Nursing


Ebooks for Family and Community Health Nursing

Rosenberg, J., & Rosenberg, S. (2006). Community mental health: Challenges for the 21st century.Taylor & Francis.

Reading Lists


Rector, C., (2018). Community & public health nursing: Promoting the public's health. (9th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer. ISBN978-1496349828


Supplementary Readings

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