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NURS 108 / NULB 108 Principles of Nursing I: Home

Core Nursing Resources

Learn about these useful online nursing resources

CINAHL with Full text video: learn how to search CINAHL the Nursing and Allied Health journal database

EBSCO- Nursing Reference Center. use NRC Plus  for concise information about nursing management of diseases and disorders - also a source of essential e-books and skills videos

EBSCO- Patient Education Reference Center. PERC has useful discharge handouts your can give to your patients

NURS 108 Course Description


Students are introduced to the historical, legal, ethical and cultural aspects of nursing. Emphasis is placed on foundational concepts, selected theories, basic human needs and the Nursing Process in the delivery of safe and holistic nursing care.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Outline the historical evolution of the profession of nursing;

2. Discuss the needs of individuals at various stages of development;

3. Explain concepts and theories essential for the delivery of nursing care;

4. Discuss ethical and legal issues in the provision of holistic nursing care to multicultural population across the life span;

5. Discuss the role and functions of the professional nurse in the healthcare delivery system;

6. Identify issues and trends in professional nursing practice and;

7. Utilise the Nursing Process in the provision of nursing care.

NULB108 Course Outline

Students will learn and demonstrate psycho-motor skills required for safe nursing practice. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking and competence in the performance of selected non- invasive procedures.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1)  Demonstrate skills necessary for safe nursing practice;

2)  Demonstrate competency in the performance of selected non- invasive nursing procedures and;

3)  Utilize the Nursing Process as a framework for the delivery of care.

NURS 108 Reference Resources and Reading List


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AJN: American Journal of Nursing

Nursing History Review

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy

Numerous electronic journals through (CINAHL, EbscoHost & Pubmed)


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