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SWK311: Diversity in a Multicultural Society: Introduction

In this course, students use a diversity framework to examine the lived realities of populations-at-risk in The Bahamas. Emphasis is on the importance of enhancing diversity consciousness and cultural competence and models for engaging different populatio

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SWK311: Course Description

In the course, students explore the lived realities of populations-at-risk in The Bahamas around the concept of "difference" and the need for the ongoing development of a "professional-self", self awareness and sensitivity for a culturally competent Social Work practice.

Specific Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Identify and explain at least three (3) theoretical models of practice for working with differential populations;

2. Identify healthy coping responses/mechanisms developed in response to oppression, discrimination and prejudice as well as other responses that can impede the problem-solving process; 

3. Identify the impact of "difference" on the life cycle; and

4. Critically examine the experiences and contributions of groups that have suffered discrimination and exclusion in The Bahamas.

Course Content:

I. Awareness of Multiculturalism

II. Knowledge of Multicultural Information

III. Theoretical Bases for Multicultural Action in the Social Work Profession

IV. Implications for Practice with Ethically Diverse Populations in The Bahamas

V. At-Risk and Vulnerable Populations

VI. Implications for Future Service Delivery


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Welcome to the Library research guide for SWK311: Diversity in a Multicultural Society. This guide was created to assist students to locate relevant information for the class.

Definition: "Multiculturalism is the acknowledgement, acceptance, and promotion of cultural pluralism within a diverse society."

Source"Multiculturalism." World of Sociology, Gale, edited by Joseph M. Palmisano, Gale, 2001. Credo Reference, Accessed 25 Jan 2017.


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