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Library Orientation Assignment: 3. Finding Books

This purpose of this guide is to provide new students with an orientation to the University of The Bahamas Libraries. Please contact your instructor for the written assignment that accompanies this guide.

Finding A Book

To find a book in the University Libraries you should first search our Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), COBWEB.


Using the Library Catalog

The link on the UB Libraries' page that says "Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)" will take you to the library's catalog. This is the tool that is used to search for, and identify, books that you may wish to use in for your research. You may also search the OPAC using the box above. When you click on the OPAC link a new window or tab will open to the page below:

undefinedThis page allows you to do a search with a single search term. If you would like to combine more than one search term you can do this by clicking on the "Advanced" tab. and you will see a page like the one below:



When you submit a search in the OPAC you will get a list of results similar to the one listed below:



This list is called a list of brief records. Here you will get the most basic information about a book; the title the location and the call number. A call number is a series of letters and numbers that is assigned to each book based on the subject matter. The location of the book tells you which library branch the book is located in and also which section within the branch. You need the location AND the call number in order to locate a book or to request is from library personnel. 

You can also change the way that your list appears by using tools to the right of the list. Next to "Sort by" are options for the order in which you would like items in your list to appear. The default is "relevance", but there are other options. For example "Publication Date Descending" sorts the books by date of publication with the most recently published materials being moved to the top of the list.

You may also select a filter which will only show your results for a particular location or collection.

Clicking on the title of a book will give you the full record of the book, which contains more information about the book and gives you additional OPAC options.