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Library Orientation Assignment: 4. Online Encyclopedias

This purpose of this guide is to provide new students with an orientation to the University of The Bahamas Libraries. Please contact your instructor for the written assignment that accompanies this guide.

Credo Reference

Credo Reference is a database that provides online reference to highly rated resources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks. Credo contains general resources, but also many specialized resources. Credo is excellent for finding encyclopedia entries, reviews of many topics and dictionary definitions in many languages. What you will NOT find in Credo are research articles from journals. When you are off-campus you can access Credo by entering your full UB email address and password

Credo Results Page

When you enter a subject in a Credo search you will get a results page like the one below.


Credo Word Cloud

Next to most results lists there is also a word cloud like the one below. These word clouds help you to identify concepts related to your chosen topic.


Using a Full-Text Credo Entry

When you select an entry by clicking on it's title, you will be able to see the complete text. At the top of each article there are options to; print the article, email it to yourself or share it to your Google Drive, have the entry read aloud to you and to see the citation for the entry in all major citation styles